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Spitz's Ironman Will Also Raise Funds For Vitamin Angels Charity

Today, amateur athlete, Steven Spitz is a lean, well-trained 160 pounds, and in triathlon shape. However, just over one year ago, he was an overweight and out-of-shape corporate attorney.

Back then, due to long workdays, a poor diet, and lack of exercise, Steven tipped the scale at 250 pounds…a long way from the college athlete he used to be.

Steven says, "The way I saw it, I had a choice to make. Either go for stomach stapling or bariatric surgery, or apply the information that I was reviewing every day as part of my job (he works for a health supplement company in Chatsworth). Steven continues, "This information included research on sports nutrition and weight control products from my employers, MRI and Natrol."

"Instead of surgery, I chose to apply the research and follow a healthy diet, get regular
exercise, and add key supplements to my daily diet," Steven says.

"As important as exercise was, good nutrition was also critical to fuel my training, and protect my lean tissue," adds Steven. "I knew that getting
enough high-quality protein was especially important, so I added MRI's Pro-NOS to my routine and quickly saw -- and felt -- a difference."

According to Harun Simbirdi, MRI's Chief Operating Officer, "MRI is pleased to support and sponsor Steven in the 2008 Ford Ironman World Championship. MRI products benefit bodybuilders and other power athletes, as well as
endurance athletes. Steven is a perfect example of how our products help fuel the unique training needs of endurance athletes. We are especially
proud to be able to help our own corporate counselor achieve this success."

Along with his Ironman efforts, Steven will be raising funds for Vitamin Angels (http://www.vitaminangels.org/), a charity devoted to ending childhood diseases caused by micronutrient deficiencies worldwide, with the
primary focus being childhood blindness as a result of Vitamin A deficiency.

"My six-year-old daughter is a healthy child, but not all children are as fortunate," said Steven.

Vitamin Angels' Operation 20/20 is working hard to change this. In 2008, the organization will provide 4.5 million children in 18 countries the necessary nutrients to save their eyesight.

Most amazing is that it costs only 25 cents annually to save a child's vision.

To donate, visit
http://januscharitychallenge.kintera.org/worldchampionship08/spitz (he also has a Facebook page as Steven S. Spitz).


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