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Angel Of Love Ministry
By Joyce Lest
from North Hollywood,CA

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Im Joyce Lest, Im Only one person but for the past 23 years, I have been helping distribute food,clothing,blankets, and toys, to the community and surrounding areas, to the hurting,poor,homeless,local hospitals, and less fortunate.
My lifes work is teaching and counseling adult downs kids, in an apartment setting, here in North Hollywood 3 nights a week...
This year, I have had not any donations of toys or blankets or clothing come in, for the people I reach..Im only ONE person Like I said, and I am credible, however, I would love some type of help to get this done, if you are able to help me that is?
Its important to me and a priority to help my fellowman, I have proof and awards and a newspaper article I was in to further share for your viewing pleasure..
Can you please help me obtain some toys,blankets, jackets, shoes, etc for the people I help, and for the elderly, they need lap robes to keep them warm in their wheel chairs..
Im partially disabled myself, and only work part time, BUT still manage to reach many who are hurting..
Please contact me at your earliest convienience, by the way I do this all year long, not just during the holidays :)

Love and peace
Joyce Lest
cell 818-516-8173

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