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A Tale of Corporate Greed & Ethics
By susan hawk
from san mateo,USA

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Burkle v. Burkle

Billionaire and philanthropist Ron Burkle has been included on all recent Fortune500 lists. Fortune estimates his worth at $1.5 billion. Mr. Burkle has made and continues to make multi million dollar gifts to Los Angeles charities and educational institutions, including UCLA, Claremont McKenna College, where he has served on the Board, and the new Disney Center.

Unfortunately, Mr. Burkle and his wife of 32 years, Janet, are currently engaged in divorce proceedings in the Los Angeles Superior Court of Judge Roy Paul. These proceedings constitute a serious potential risk to the empire Mr. Burkle has built through his Yucaipa Companies holding company. Under California law Janet Burkle will be entitled to a substantial portion of the assets of Yucaipa Companies.

In addition, while itís not uncommon for wealthy divorces to become rancorous, this one is unique in the devastating consequences it has imposed on Mrs. Burkle. While Mr. Burkle continues to reside in the mansion of former silent film star Harold Lloyd in Beverly Hills, Mrs. Burkle is currently working the graveyard shift at a grocery store, stocking shelves at night, in order to support herself and maintain her home for their youngest son. Mr. Burkle has refused to provide any interim spousal or child support while the matter works its way through the customary and interminable legal process. A hearing on setting interim support has been scheduled in Judge Paulís court on November 20.

Itís a shame Mr. Burkle cannot treat his former wife of 32 years with the same generosity he exhibits in his charitable giving.

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