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Back in the day....living on the edge
By Rudy j.
from Los Angeles,CA

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It was a Friday night,sitting in a G'Ride at the old orginal Pioneer Market on Sunset and Echo Park Ave. Me and a buddy of mine were kicking it in the parking lot, just parked, getting high on beer and pills...
When the cops pull up behind us with their lights off, got us out of the black 62 Chevvvy station wagon and handcuffed the both of us ,searched us and gave us a one way ride to The Not So Magic Kingdom!
Oh yeah ,before i forget......the car? It wasn't ours, just "borrowed" to go to the beach with some girls which we just dropped-off.

At the station my buddy was searched two more times as was i, then we were put into the same cell........
BIG MISTAKE! When the coast was clear my buddy yanked out a wad filled with
lil red pills just smaller than m&m's in a baggie and he was ready to flush the whole thing down before i stopped him and told him to let me have some first!

He did ( about 36 or was it 38? of them ). To this day
i ask myself ...WHAT was i thinking??? we know the answer . The lights were on and somebody was home- only this guy was really GONE!
I woke-up 3 days later in General Hospital (not the soap either). Aparently my folks were told i might not make it(coma or something like that) and to prepare .....
O.K.- That was the last time i ever did that again except for maybe one other time.

We all have our stories, some not as bad,some worst!
The main thing i realize now is that i'm still here and i'm living and loving it! I always say - Life is Good!

I never really thought much about it but maybe this is why i say and feel that way.... go figure!
My last comment is just to say , this is not something i'm proud about or bragging. It happened and its my little piece of history, which i survived through...
once again.

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