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I met her at a party that I crashed once with a friend.
She, too, was uninvited: a requirement to attend.
I canít say that we hit it off so exactly well at first.
In making good impressions, it seems I did my worst.

I stammered and I stuttered like Iíd never done before.
I stumbled over someone and I fell into the door,
just like some stupid bumpkin whoíd arrived fresh off the farm.
But in a while she starts to see Iíve got a certain charm.

When I tell you sheís a hot one, well, you know weíre talking steam:
a blistering inferno that can only live in dreams.
That she might give a second chance or a third one was insane.
But there we were still talking as the partyís growing late.

We had so much so in common that we struck a two-note chord,
a harmony of feelings that would sing with every word.
But then her friends came over and insist itís time to leave.
And since she drove them in her car, she said goodbye to me.

She told me that sheís moving and was now without a phone,
but said that I should give a week and to then use 411.
She shouted where sheís moving to as she pulled her car away.
But a passing motorcycle drowned out the cityís name.

Cahuenga, Topanga, Tujunga, Cucamonga:
Just where was it she said that she was moving to?
Canoga, Cordova, Covina or Corona:
The hottest thing going & Iíve no way of knowing
the town that is going to be her new home.

Theyíve started to be sounding all too much the same.
Iím not sure what I heard,
but I know that the word
was a definite Mexican name.

Operators couldnít help me, what with no specific town.
For three weeks, Iíve been trying. Now Iím starting to get down.
So here am I out driving on this freeway parking lot,
just trying to find the big green sign that points to where itís hot.

Toluca, thatís it! Thatís definitely it!
Or maybe it was Laguna? Or maybe El Segundo? Alta Loma or Alhambra?
Encino, Hermosa? Reseda or Redondo? Ö
La Crescenta, La CaŮada? Ö

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