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By Beth Day
from ,PA

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2nd Comments on "Left Coastin' (Some LA Scenes)" by Jeff Glovsky
I would like to ammend my previous comments on this story. After reconsidering my choice of words, I was unhappy with describing it as "bawdy". While I stand by the brooding quality of the piece I feel the word bawdy is much too "fluffy" and actually was a disservice to the writer as well as the reader. I did struggle alittle with what words to use- sensuous just wasn't "right"-this word ,to me, brings a more female/male connection- more female participation. Sensuous is too "delicious" a word. He uses very masculine responses to situations. I liked the "maleness" of the piece. The quality is more base- more primal...very male...very beat-it-off-and-come. Again, I really liked this!

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