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By Beth Day
from ,PA

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Comments on "Getting Kicked in the Face at the 99 Cent Store." by Giselle Fernandez-Farrand

"I wish there was some profound moral to this story but there isn't."
Sure there is! The moral is to be the Samaritan, say the kind word, be the helping hand, love one another (sorry, cliche'!). There will always be injustice in this world. We aren't in Heaven yet, we're here on earth- not perfect, not just, not right. Yes, the police didn't show up. Yes, the children were traumatized. Yes, the maniac walking-bag-of-testosterone's deplorable behavior was reinforced by "getting away with it" (probably again!). But the kickee will remember that someone did extend a hand-someone did care- someone did communicate. Just because others didn't follow through, you did. Your actions are the only actions for which you are responsible. Do the right thing even if others don't!

On another note...you always have stories within your stories. I'd love to hear more about your colorful God parents, Julie & Kathy. How fortunate you are to have them in your life.

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