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By Beth Day
from ,PA

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Comments on "Dusty's Dream" by Giselle Fernandez-Farrand.
As a hospice nurse for many years,I feel this story is SOOOOO important!! Not the fact that children (and people in general) die, but that we all need to confront our fears about dying and make a difference in the quality of the last days for these people. Yes, they are still people- with hopes and fears and feelings. Don't ignore them!!! Sit with them-talk with them- hold their hands- laugh with them! Don't be afraid-----Be PRESENT!!!


You don't have to have the influence of a Giselle Fernandez to make a difference...you don't have to write a story...you don't have to make a documentary.... you only need your heart and your presence!!!

After all, we all are destined for this path and will appreciate a hand to hold, a hug, a smile or just a quiet presence.


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