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A reader NEEDS a writer!
By Beth Day
from West Finley,PA

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Hi. My name is Beth. I live in rural Pennsylvania (pretty far from LA!) Before I comment on any story, I'd like to say that I am, by no means, qualified to critique anyone's writing ability but I do qualify for the first criteria of any writer's tatget audience--
1. I am a reader!
I have found some very interesting stoties, tributes,poems & even announcements here. I am here to read about your city, whether you have lived there for sixty years or just stepped off of the bus. I may never have the opportunity to visit there so, please---Show me your city!!! The good, the bad, the beautiful & the ugly. I can see a billion stars from my backyard... but not your stars! I can catch tadpoles in my creek... but I can't splash in your ocean! I can bottle-feed an orphaned calf...but I can't feed the homeless man on the corner half of my lunch! Speak to me!! A reader NEEDS a writer!Your story doesn't have to be deep or insightful to be interesting fun or inspiring. It can take just two words to inspire, instill, incite or excite..."I can." "You can." "I will." "Why me?" "Don't jump!" "Love me." "Back off!"
From a heartfelt tribute to a lost father, to barroom highjinks, to being pissed off by the injustice of police indifference--TELL ME, THE READER, YOUR STORY!!!

....Well....I'm waiting!!

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