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Bebe\'s Wake Up Call
By Jiro Tomiyama
from Los Angeles,CA

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We once owned a long haired female cat named Bebe
while we lived in the South Western part of Los Angeles.
She was particularly aggressive for a female and was 
the best “mouser” we ever had. We generally kept our 
cats out of doors in the yard and Bebe was in the habit 
of dragging her catches onto the stoop of the front door
still alive and kicking. As you are probably aware, cats
often make quite a racket and like to play with their catches 
for a time before they work up enough excitement to apply 
a killing bite.

Early one morning my wife stepped out to get the paper 
and she had only opened the door a crack before Bebe shot 
abruptly through the opening with a catch in her mouth, 
this time a living, medium-sized rat. Once inside, she let go 
of it and it took off as fast as it could in the only direction that mattered, and that was away from her. The rat went careening down the hallway with Bebe after it in hot pursuit. There after it ran straight into the bedroom where I was still lying in asemi-comatose slumber. My wife followed in their train and was hollering. 

We used to sleep on Japanese mattresses side by side on the floor in those days but because of moving around at night, a crack and separation would often occur between them more often than not. On this occasion the rat ran straight for it and I think one can imagine the shock I experienced when it dawned on me that I suddenly had an uninvited bedfellow. Bedlam ensued. I was up in a shot and pillows, sheets and mattresses went flying all over the bedroom. In the general confusion the rat took off for the vent we had in the corner of the room for a old gravity heater. Once through the grating, it disappeared down the ducts to the unlighted furnace and made good its escape under the house.

Needless to say, My wife was much more cautious opening 
the door in the mornings thereafter.

—Jiro Tomiyama

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