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Discovering LA by Following the Clues
By Marty Agens
from Agoura Hills,CA

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We invited our Grandkids (ages 8 & 10) on a Day of Clueing. They each had to bring a bouquet of flowers & $1.25 cash. Claire had to know the impt dates in the life of Amelia Earhart & Max had to know the 20th Century Presidents & when they served.

Each had a Clue hidden @ the Metro Station by LAX. Only Claire knew whch train to get on & only Max knew where to exit. Following the clues, we visited the Inglewood Park Cemetery, discovered the gravesites of Great-Great Grandparents, found their way to Westwood Village for lunch & discovered the excitement & expanse of a major univesity (UCLA).

The waiter @ Chili\'s brought the bill & asked if there was a \"Claire & Max here\"? They answered & he gave them their next clue, sending them to UCLA.

Claire\'s clue read \"UCLA opened in 1929 & the Powell Library was one of the 1st bldgs. You must go to main floor & locate the Life magazine periodicals for the month & yr of Amelia Earhart\'s disappearance\" to find her next clue. Max\'s clue was to find the Encyclopedia Americana & look up the President in 1929. Fascinated by the Life issues & ads (circa 1937), Claire could have stayed longer, but we to keep moving.

Upon leaving the Library, they were given a \"speed challenge\". Each had to locate 3 bldgs spread across the campus; each bldg held a hidden clue that directed them to the next bldg. They had 35 Minutes to find the clues & meet back at the steps of Royce Hall. They made it, but barely.

Pretty worn down after about 5 hrs, we returned to Westwood to locate their \"mystery reward\" at the Mystery Bookstore. The Proprietor was waiting for them & spent 30 mins helping them each pick out 2 books. After that & a cold drink, we headed home. It was a day we\'ll never forget. martyagens.agens@gmail.com

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