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By Michael McGinnis
from Hollywood,CA

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As I look around and see the stars. Encounter various interesting situations in my encounters each day with the Famous and the successfull and the wealthy in the Hollywood Entertainent and Music Circles.

I surround myself with such oppulent luxury enjoying time in Malibu, Santa Monica and Beverly Hills.

I drive the best. I dine at the best and I live, work, breathe and do the best.

I looked out into the eye of the sun shining down on the Pacific Ocean, glistening off the subtle waves rolling in and I think this is the best.

If only I wasn't so used to seeing this I would realize this is the most beautiful sight I have ever seen and I would like to be no place else in the world.

Los Angeles. New York. Live. Breathe.Do. Create.

If someone dosen't want you whether it be in Los Angeles or anywhere. Forget about them.

You are the leader of your life and you want to succeed and if they don't know that then they are worse off.

Lead. Succeed. Win. Make A Plan. Follow it. Take steps everyday toward what you want.

This is Happiness and in L.A. regardless of what people say (smog,traffic, fake people, industry blah blah blah. Go live in Des Moine Iowa then, what do you want? )

Anyway this is a beautiful, wonderful, active environment that can stimulate your mind or put your mind at ease depending on where you are and what you want at that moment.

I have come to L.A. 2 years ago and you know what. I work in Entertainment and it's been up's and down's but the optimism is what keeps me young, energetic, positive and without a doubt that if I know what I want and work towards that every day I will have that and so much more.

I live in Hollywoood right now. I know writers, actors, muscicians, comedians, producers, directors, talk show hosts, reality tv stars, Major motion picture studio employees etc...etc...

I write, produce and create everyday and this you mix that creativity with focus, drive and ambition you are going to succeed and Rule your world and create the environment you want.

I'll keep you updated on my Hollywood travels and experiences which are growing and growing and will never cease.

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