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Los Angeles Time Machines
By Jonathan Paliau
from Los Angeles,CA

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When I want to enjoy a great night out in Los Angeles, I like to spend it in 1939. It's not as strange as it sounds. While LA has almost as great a passion for the wrecking ball as other large cities, there are still a wealth of restaurants, bars, stores and movie palaces that can be seen and enjoyed from that time period. It a joy to "go back in time" and spend a day visiting these existing historic sites.

A great day might start out with breakfast at Phillipe's near Chinatown (1909) where a cup of coffee still costs only 9 cents. Then it's time to take a stroll down Hollywood Boulevard and go to the Chinese Theater (1927) to see a movie. Then it's a short walk to have a drink in the bar at Musso and Frank Grill (1919). Perhaps, you need to go shopping for groceries at the Farmer's Market (1934). Finally, you can end up your evening with a Mexican meal and a Margarita at El Coyote (1931). When you think of it, you could have spent the exact same day back in 1939.

This kind of "time travel" goes way beyond a mere lesson in history. These old places bring you back to a time when the pace of life was slow and relaxed. You didn't have to worry about cholesterol or terrorism. You can sit back and enjoy an era when people believed in honesty and integrity, and your word was your bond. It's a nice break from the frenetic pace of today, dodging traffic and having the cell phone go off every five minutes.

These old bars and restaurants of a bygone era are what I like to call "Time Machines". You can find an extensive listing of these places which still exist and have not been extensively remodeled on the website Los Angeles Time Machines (www.latimemachines.com). So sit back, relax and take a trip to another time.

Jonathan Paliau

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