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He Works in Heaven (Circa 1990)
By Allan Thorne
from Seattle,WA

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The Frolic Room is
on Hollywood boulevard
it has been there a long time.
In it’s youth it was
a swanky place,
a place for cocktails
before or after the theatre,
a place to meet your mistress,
a place to make a quiet deal
on a major movie,

but times change.
the movie business
isn’t what it used to be.
Hollywood Boulevard
has seen better days
and the wallpaper
at the Frolic room is pealing.

The clientele has
surely gotten rougher.
They are of the opinion
that “Welcome to The Jungle”
is the best song ever written.
they play it
every five minutes.

Two six foot tall
amazons tend bar,
biker girls with huge breasts
barely contained
in leather bras.
on slow nights
they pour lighter fluid
into the bar rail
and set it a blaze
the crowd
sits back and howls.

Between the girls
is a five foot tall
Mexican bar back.
His job is to
fill the ice bin,
wash the glasses, and
clean up spills.
Where ever he turns
he is confronted
by leather clad breasts.

It must be titty
heaven back there!
He works hard
and goes home tired
and some nights
with a black eye
or a split lip
from a collision
with a twenty pound boob.

Yes The hours are long
and the pay is low
but he is a man who loves
his work.

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