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Teachers of Latino Children Hold California's Future
Story by Giselle Fernandez-Farrand from Los Angeles, CA - 2/28/2005
California Association for Bilingual Education - Keynote Address
          Los Angeles - Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Good afternoon everyone ... Buenas tardes.

I am so honored to be here with you all today. I was just telling my brother who teaches high school kids in Oxnard that I was coming here this afternoon.

As always, I was listening to him go on about not having enough time in the day as a high school teacher to do it all, especially when it comes to the da...

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Open Letter to Mr. Rocky Young, President of LA Pierce College
Story by Roxanna Selkirk from West Hills, CA - 6/13/2003
Open letter to Rocky Young, President of Pierce College

Catherine Selkirk, took her first class, Sociology, at Pierce College in the Spring of 2001. Since that time, she has increased her class load at Pierce and also taken a few classes at Valley College and thru ITV when necessitated by the Pierce class offerings and schedule. In this last term alone (Spring 2003) she completed a staggering 18 units, while actively participating in AGS and PTK honor societies.

This all m...

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